Spenser & Kauffmann has celebrated its 5th anniversary

On Friday, 5th of August 2011, Spenser & Kauffmann had celebrated its 5th anniversary. Continuing the tradition established during previous years, the celebration was accommodated on the open terrace. This year remarkable event was held at b-hush bar, located on 11th floor of Intercontinental hotel.

Celebration of “Spenser & Kauffmann” anniversary was accompanied by perfect live music, firm’s employees were enjoying a wonderful view of the night city, as well as jolly, warm and friendly atmosphere.

“In 2011 we have decided to celebrate such significant event as 5th anniversary of Spenser & Kauffmann only with firm’s employees, as all firm’s achievements, our numerous recognitions and awards, various professional developments are, foremost, merit and contribution of each Spenser & Kauffmann employee,” – commented Valentyn Zagariya, Managing Partner.